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USGI 4pc Modular Sleep System MSS Woodland Camo Sleeping Bag -55 Degrees Very Good Condition

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  • USGI 4pc Modular Sleep System MSS Woodland Camo Sleeping Bag -55 Degrees Very Good Condition


Military Modular Sleep System, 4pc

The greatest sleep system to own. Versatile and compresses small for any climate or weather conditions. This MSS comes with 4pcs: a summer patrol bag rated down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit; The black sleeping bag is rated down to negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit, which, you can snap to the OD summer patrol sleeping bag for sleeping in temperatures down to negative 55 degrees Fahrenheit; the Goretex bivy cover is completely waterproof for sleeping in rain, mud puddle, or snow and also snaps to both sleeping bags. The 4th piece is a black compression stuff sack great for compressing all 3 sleeping bags down to a small enough size for small packing. Put the summer patrol sleeping bag together with the black intermediate bag and the temp rating goes down to negative 55 degrees. Genuine military issue surplus. Made in USA.


• All 3 bags snap together
• Inside Material of Black and Green bag: Military Issue Fiber Fill
• Outside Material of black and green bag: Nylon Ripstop
• Bivy Cover: 100% Waterproof Goretex Membrane
• Color of Bivy Cover: Woodland Camo
• Color of Summer Patrol Sleeping Bag: OD Green
• Color of Intermediate Black Sleeping Bag: Black
• Color of Compression Stuff Sack: Black
• Compression stuff sack has sets of compression straps built in on sides horizontal and vertically for maximum compression.
• Weight with all components: Approx. 7 pounds
• Black Intermediate Bag Temperature Rating: -5˚Degrees F
• OD Green Summer Patrol Bag Temp Rating: 30˚Degrees F
• OD Green Summer Patrol Bag and Black Intermediate Bag Temp Rating paired together: -55˚Degrees F
• Genuine Military Issued Surplus, used Excellent Condition; no rips, no holes, no missing parts, no problems.
• Made in USA

Ships within 1 business day via Standard or Expedited shipping. International shipping available.


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