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Our company started a long time ago in a little shop in a small town in Tennessee by a Vietnam Veteran, Sgt. Troy and his family. Today, we have expanded into a much larger store and a much larger warehouse, shipping all over the world. Knowing that soldiers needed goods, Sgt. Troy would express, "we didn't open this store to hurt anyone, but to help. Especially those in the military."
That same standard rings true today with every person employed here. We simply want to treat each and every individual with customer service that exceeds their expectations. Hence, our motto since we began, "Serving Our Country One Individual at a Time.™"

We look to provide the best military, tactical, survival and outdoor gear, and surplus on earth. Every shopping experience our customers have should be a pleasant one that meets or exceeds their goals to help them excel and advance in the initiative of a better life. We're passionate about making that your experience all the way through.


If you're ever traveling through our area, we invite you to come by and say hello! We have a huge inventory of items along with lots of historic items and pictures to look at on the walls.


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