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Size Charts



Boot Sizing


All of our boots are available in Men’s Regular (R) and Wide (W) Widths, with some styles offering Narrow (N) and Extra Wide (XW) widths as well. Since sizes & widths vary among boot styles, please check individual boot styles for available sizes & widths.


Standard Widths

B = Narrow (N)

D = Regular (R)

EE = Wide (W)

EEEE = Extra Wide (XW)


Unfortunately, not all boot brands fit the same. For this reason, we would like to offer a few sizing tips that will help you get a better fit:


Belleville Boots:

Belleville boots are about a half size to 1 full size larger in fit than your normal dress shoe size. The difference depends on the type of boot you choose; waterproof vs non-waterproof. For example, if you wear a size 9 in a dress shoe, we reccommend you order a size 8 in a Belleville Non-Waterproof boot. If you wear a 9 in a dress shoe, select a 8.5 in a Belleville Waterproof Boot.



Due to the wider shape of the toe box, we have found that the MINI-MiL® tends to run on the small/short side.  For this reason, we recommend customers order a half size up from your normal shoe size.  For instance, if you wear a size 10, then we would recommend you order a 10.5 in the MINI-MiL®.


All Other Boots:

All other boot brand sizes seem to fit true-to-size accordingly with your dress shoe size.




Boots socks are standard requirements in the military for comfort and sustanibility when working. Try on the boots with a pair of boot socks that you will normally wear with the boots. This will add a true, comfortable fit in your boot.



It is important that your foot is properly placed inside the boots when selecting a size. Proper foot placement requires that the lace is drawn snug at the bottom of the lacing system. This will prevent your foot from sliding forward too far and keep your heel properly placed against the back of the boot. To improve the fit of the boot, try loosening or tightening the laces at different parts of the boot until you get the perfect fit.



Length-wise, when your heel is placed against the back of the boot, you should have a slight amount of room in the front of the boots to wiggle your toes.



Width-wise, your boots should feel a little snug, but not tight.



Walk around to see how the boots feel.  Make sure your heel stays in place and not sliding up and down (this can cause blisters).


Women's Sizes

Boots for women generally run a 2 full sizes smaller than men's. For example, if you wear a Women's size 8, you would order a Men's size 6.









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